Vicodine, ask for it by name

I once again fell off the blogosphere. To be honest nothing really worth writing about has happened. I’ve been training, working and watching Battlestar Galactica. Pretty standard stuff. Till two days ago.

For whatever reason, Monday I woke up with excruciating pain in my right shoulder. And to add injury to insult, I had to make my hour and twenty minute commute to the office. So with no ability to swivel my head to the right, I merged onto the 405 freeway and headed north to Valencia, home of ROAD Magazine. Once there I bitched and moaned to Tim about my pains. He felt a little concerned, but he had to lay-out one last feature for the magazine, so he was a little preoccupied. My next step was self-medication.

Self-medication is something that is held in high esteem with the Brownes. My parents passed down the oral history of Brownes going into hospital and never leaving, so taking care of your own injuries or sickness was essential to survival. However, I called my parents to see what I should do.

“Is this going to stop you training for the L’Etape ride?” asked my dad.


“Then don’t go to the doctor! Sweet Jesus you’re a puss! Can’t that Noel guy you talk about give you something?”

That was a fruitful conversation.

So last night I went to the grocery store and purchased the Browne First Aide kit: six-pack of beer, Aleve and chocolate Jello. The chocolate Jello is my own contribution and not what my father recommended. And sure enough, after a few beers, I was no longer in pain. Problem solved I thought. Till this morning.

This morning I woke up to the same stabbing pain in the right shoulder with the additional throbbing of an acute hangover. So I relented and called my doctor for an appointment. I’m seeing him at 2:00 and I’ll try and blog from there because I’ll be bored and don’t want to read Sunset Magazine.


  1. Anonymous says:

    dude, all i can give you is a hug and a lollipop. i’m a psycho therapist (doc in clinical psych) and not a psychiatrist. i’m good for 8 years of blaming your parents for stuff… and not the writing scrip for meds. oh well.
    i blame your mom for not satisfying your dad so that he uses you as a target to work out of own narcissism. (that’s 5 bucks but only if you explain it to me.. because i don’t get it).

    do you chiropractor?

    feel better!!!!!! and sweet jesus.. post more. did you see my hotness in belgiumkneewarmers (the brethren thread.. me sitting in).

    did you read drama of the gifted child yet? i’m telling you man…. its the book.


  2. bikesgonewild says:

    …wow, noel…whether you, neil or anybody gets it, you just saved me the same five bucks…thx…

    …& neil…i swear to god, if you do post twice in a single day or even twice in one week, i may have to go back to MY doctor & get my heart meds re-upped…

    …just sayin’…

    …& say “hi” to yer pops…that crusty ol’ two wheeled devil…

  3. Colton says:

    Fat kid tip of the day:If you buy instant chocolate pudding and mix it with milk you can drink it while it is still in a liquid state. It tastes better this way, and can really take the edge off a chocolate craving, or in your case, excruciating shoulder pain. … May cause heart palpitations.

    Instant pudding is also more economical than the prepackaged servings.

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