I’m off to France to get my ass kicked

Here's the short version: my shoulder/neck is still f'ed up and I'm
sitting in the LAX concourse waiting for my flight to France. For
those not keeping up with my occasional posts I'm partcipating in the
E'Tape in France as a guest of Trek. They are hooking me up with a
Project One Madone that I pimped out. Sometimes it's good to be Neil.
Anyways, I should have been training but instead I've been going to
physical therapy for my bum shoulder. But I do have a plan. My doctor
prescribed me Vicodine which I plan on taking viberally as soon as we
have wheels up. Once in France I'm switching to wine till the day of
the ride to help deaden the throbbing pain. Once the ride is underway
I'll just cruise the whole time. I'll bring my camera and snap shots
along the way. I'll post here as well as on the ROAD Magazine site. I
have another hour before we take off so maybe I'll post again. I bore