Now I know where my $10 co-pays goes

I received this e-mail from my H3 Publications/ROAD Magazine appointed psychologist Noel, “Check out my new bike. Its a Vanilla Speedvagen…and its the best all around/stage race bike I’ve ever ridden. I never imagined a steel bike could feel edgy, sharp and weaponized. 16.2 lbs and the best part is that hot Asian little fashiony girls at coffee places think I’m cool. Screw mass produced bikes, handmades are out of this world performance bikes too.”
Damn…hot chicks still point at me and laugh…


  1. Anonymous says:

    hey for the record, the girls thing… they look at the bike. they ask me about the bike, and then they run for their lives.
    (thanks neil and thanks turbo).
    if you ever have a chance to ride a vanilla.. do it.


  2. bikesgonewild says:

    …nice ride, noel or rather, what an elegant, beautiful bicycle…

    "16.2, edgy, sharp & weaponized steel"…sounds like the latest from ‘reynolds' & sasha white is only known to build the best machines…

    …i was able to go the custom route in ti w/ carbon seat stays & fork, recently, & i told the builder “i’d love for you to build me your version of a 57 square, italian road racing bike, please”

    …& probably like you now say every time you ride that bike, two years later & i still go “o m g, how amazing !!!

    …congratulations, noel…

  3. Anonymous says:

    bottom line.. i can’t believe this thread in this illustrious blog hasn’t filled my inbox with date requests from vanderkittens.

    neil, where is your pimp hand? wtf? all i got from this was a neck message from slover when he was shaving what little hair i have left off my head (support your local 40 year old hair stylist bike racer). i just hope he didn’t hear the moan…. i tried to hide it with a cough..
    but.. jesus… where did all the woman go that find men with gay bikes to be hot?
    i mean… neil… we’ve got to link your journal to promangirl or the oprah blog. im dying here.
    i thought this was the thing that would get me off
    sweet jesus.

  4. bikesgonewild says:

    …slover & noel…

    ,,,now, when i hear the word 'yes‘, i think to myself “not that there’s anything wrong w/ that”

    …just sayin’…(in a shaky voice)…

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