Checking back in with my little buddy

Well I’m proud to say that my BFF finished the Canadian TransRockies mountain bike stage race. For a moment I thought he might say f’ it and quit, however he dug deep and completed it several hours behind the winner. Mike states in his last blog post that he is amazed that Specialized rented an RV for him. Mike is too modest. Mike wields a huge amount of power in the cycling industry. One word from him and a companies’ $600 hybrid is either going to be the most successful bike ever or the albatross around their neck bringing them to the brink of bankruptcy. So don’t believe his self effacing ways, I know better. In his blog Mike seemed to be disgusted by the fact that human waste had been dumped in front of his RV. I know Mike and out of the two things in life he loves, talking about feces is one of them. And like a pig in slop, he probably couldn’t have been happier to see that biological disaster at his front door. He’s filthy that way.

Anyways congratulations and you actually didn’t suck too bad this time. Now man-up and do Vegas ‘Cross!