Checking in with my little buddy at TransRocky

This is the email I got from Mike this morning, “You’re a funny guy.Yes, I’m finishing this one.” Well let’s not count our chickens before they hatch.

What he doesn’t realize is that I’ve used reverse psychology in order to goad him into finishing. My verbal jabs have made him dig deep and finish the TransRocky stage race. Otherwise he knew that I would verbally abuse him till he cried like a little girl. I know that on Stage 2, as he was hiking up some god forsaken dirt trail and he wanted to quit, he was thinking of my post and knew he had to finish. Stage 2 was typical with mountain bike stage races, there was a complete f’-up and they all got lost or something stupid like that. Well I’m happy he’s gutting it out and going to finish it because he has to got to get ready for Vegas ‘cross. Unless he comes up with some lame ass excuse not to toe the line.

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  1. bikesgonewild says:

    …ya…i did the same thing w/ my buddy carlos sastre, last month…

    …worked for him…

    …just sayin’…

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