Random iPhone images

Since I’ve been off the back with my blogging I’ve missed out on posting a few interesting iPhone camera moments.

Art guy Tim “The Scrambler” Schamber was on holiday in Hawaii and came back with a tattoo and a full body tan. Ask Tim what the tattoo means and he’ll tell you all about it. Ask him about his full body tan and he’ll tell you about that as well.

Randomly ran into Brad Huff training on P.C.H. after his return from China. We had an interesting conversation about the Tour of Qinghai Lake and helped me with questions to ask Tyler Hamilton.

I met this guy at the Manhattan Beach G.P. Enough said…

I went back to the bump in the road that almost killed me back in June and cursed at it.

Was in a public bathroom in North Carolina and some guy named B.J. left his phone number on the wall. I don’t know why.