And the douche bag of the month goes to….

Being at the Tour of Missouri delayed me slightly in crowning my douche-bag of the month award. While at the Tour I encountered several more douche-like moments that I thought would change my mind. For example, the local reporter who demanded that the press room should be quiet and then pitched a fit when it wasn’t. News flash buddy, you’re the reporter for the Rolla Bee, not the New York Times. Swallow that painful realization that you’re stuck writing about Buddy the 400 pound pig at the state fair and will never make it to the big show. You probably just suck. Accept it. Then there was the lady on my flight home who had to continually get up due to some medical malady. I don’t blame her for whatever ails her, but why did you pick the f’ing middle isle than! However I have decided to stick with my original douche of the month. With statements like, “Bringing a bike to Interbike is counter productive,” and “Cross Vegas will get in the way of my drinking.” and finally, “I will only beat you anyways” the douche of the month goes to my BFF from Bicycling Magazine. The guy was literally doing 150 mile training rides in the Alps last week as I was stuffing myself with media room sandwiches and he has the nerve to say he doesn’t want to race. So my challenge to him is to sack-up, don’t be a douche, and race.

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