More transfer news, with a poll as well!!

Photo taken after our first contract meeting
Photo taken after our first contract meeting

I’ve got more top secret news to throw into the rider transfer rumor-mill mix. Rahsaan Bahati is going to announce news tomorrow regarding the formation of a new team. Currently I’m embroiled in some intense negotiations with Bahati for my signature on a pro contract for 2010. However, there are a few sticking points. Currently I’m asking for a million dollars a year base salary, plus performance bonus, which is pretty standard for a rider of my caliber. Also, I’m demanding that Bahati stop Twittering as @fakeneilroad and to transfer those following the fake neilroad to the official @neilroad Twitter. Because I value the opinions of my twitter- and blog-verse, I have created this poll to weigh in on my situation. Vote on the poll and let me know what my next move should be.


  1. Kornflake says:

    It worries me that 15% of people say a million dollars would be fair. Tell your wife she’s only allowed to vote once!!

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