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@neilroad hates whales...
@neilroad hates whales...

I’ve been on Twitter for a long time. I registered an account almost immediately and I believe I’m one of the first 20,000 people to have done so. Originally I used the micro-blogging site as a way to be a smart ass, make stream of consciousness comments or get into random arguments with random people. Sometimes it got me into trouble, especially after a few drinks. Now Twitter has morphed from not just a way to post the minutiae of your life but a source for late breaking cycling news and much to the chagrin of PR people, the sometimes unfiltered opinions of the pros. One of my favorite Tweets was a late night post-Champs-Elysee-Tour-de-France-celebration Tweet sent by Bradley Wiggins to someone I believe is Cavendish. I feel your pain Wiggo, I’ve sent a few out like that too.

For those who like to get their pro info unfiltered and from the source a Twitter account is a must have social networking app. Luckily a fellow Twitter person, @zoerochelle has taken the work out of trying to find all the teams and pro Twitter accounts for us. She has complied a list on her site, listing all the pros, team, directors and races. So if you are looking to drive your significant other crazy with your cycling obsession, subscribe to the list. Do yourself a favor, don’t have them all go to your phone. Oh, and remember to follow me at @neilroad. I’m a big deal in the road bike industry!

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