Lucas Euser interview: What @neilroad followers wanted to know

I like to get up close and personal when I do interviews. Lucas, me, Levi

Lucas Euser did not have an easy 2009 racing season. He came off a strong 2008 season and was aiming to ride the Vuelta in 2009. However, he was struck by a car in May 2009  resulting in broken ribs, fingers and a shattered patella, effectively ruining his season. Released from Garmin-Transitions for the 2010 season, Euser is getting back into the peloton with the Canadian team, SpiderTech presented by Planet Energy. I caught up with Lucas Euser as he was putting in early season miles in Santa Barbara and discussed his injury, the hardship he’s had to overcome to recover, the new team as well as his plans for the future. I’ll post the full interview soon. For now I thought I’d leave you with his answers to questions I received from Twitter.

@Lowcadence: Is Hannah (Lucas’ sister) faster than you on foot versus you on a bike?
Lucas: I think if she was a cyclists she’d be a wicked good sprinter. I did get her on a bike and she pedals now and then. But the answer is no, she can’t out run me on a bike, but she sure can out run me on foot, even if I was 100 percent healthy. She would crush me.

@Kirkflinte: How many marshmallows can you put in your mouth?
That’s a task I’ve never tried, but willing to take on. I’ll try it tonight. I will say that I like the triple marshmallow smore. It’s chocolate intertwined and it makes a delicious treat.

@GregKnottLeMond: How was your experience at Levi’s Grand Fondo?
It was extremely difficult for me with me knee not being 100 percent and riding 105 miles. It was pretty friggin hard! But I had some good support out there and I finished. It was a good boost for my motivation. I had a great time out there. The event he put on is incomparable to any other event put on in the U.S. The way he captured all the excitement in NorCal, and cycling all over the world for that matter, and to translate that to a bike was awesome.

@Districtcycling: What are you listening to on your iPod?
My latest kick is Mumford and Sons. They are an Irish quartet. They do all their percussion with string instruments and they all sing. They all have great voices. Look up “Little Lion Man”. I think it’s one of the best songs on the CD. It’s not crazy upbeat, but it gets you in a good positive mood. I like that folky, alternative, indie, whatever you want to call it music. Bon Iver, Soul Season, Drive-By Truckers.

Tim Johnson: Tell him sorry we didn’t make it to the movies last night. Was it good?
It was awesome. We had man night out. We invited Tim, but he was connected to his partner. He didn’t want to have fun. We saw Youth in Revolt. I’m here in Santa Barbara with a few of the Team Type 1 guys. It’s a killer movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it. The best part about it was that there was not one cell phone in the entire movie. That’s awesome to be able to capture a movie without modern technology in it. Check it out.

Michael Creed: How’s it like to be a hippster?
I’ll answer that if he answers: What is it like to be a disgruntled ex-Postal employee?


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    @neilroad Contador may be whining about training conditions. But I’m curious. Can Lance keep up with a 136 lbs kid up mountains?

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