Behind the scenes with Landis at the Boulevard road race

Floyd Landis - behind the scenes

The Boulevard road race in San Diego county is the unofficial kick-off to southern California racing. It’s not uncommon to have visiting pros line up and compete in this tough road race. Weather conditions in the town of Boulevard during this time of year range from oppressive heat to snow to everything in between. This year’s edition rain is in the forecast which will make it a ‘hard man’s race’ – something Landis relishes. The category 1/2 pro field will complete four loops of the  Boulevard course for a total of 90 miles. According to the race flier, each loop consists of 3,100 feet of climbing for a total of over 12,400 feet when it is all said and done.

Just prior to the race Landis shared with me some photos which illustrates what really happens in the Landis RV prior to a race. Each image is more compelling than the next as he pulls aside the curtain and lets us take a look at his preparation as well as the people that make it happen. RACE UPDATE – click “Read More”

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Still coughing and desperately trying to get warm, Floyd Landis took the time to tell me about his second place in the Boulevard road race. According to Landis, a break went away early and gained several minutes on the peloton. However, the as the miles started to add up on the undulating Boulevard course, the break fell apart with one lap remaining. Coming into the finale, Garmin U-23 rider Caleb Fairly surged away taking the win. Landis came across for second and according to reports from the race site Bahati Foundation rider Devan Dunn was third. I was only able to speak to Landis for a short amount of time before our phone connection was dropped. I’ll post more as it becomes available.

Browne Eye: How were the weather conditions today?
Floyd Landis: It was f’ing poring. At least it wasn’t snowing like last year. But even with all that rain the crowds were still in the double digits. I want to thank everyone who came out today.

Browne Eye: You came in for second place – what kind of money do you get for that?
Landis: Five-hundred dollars! Do you think the bank will put a hold on that amount of cash?

Browne Eye: I think maybe they’ll want to see some kind of personal identification, but I’m really not sure. What are you going to do with all that money?
Landis: I like money. That’s why I’m doing this [racing]. However, I do want to do something philanthropic so I’m donating a portion of it to “The Center for Kids That Can’t Climb Good”. If I don’t do something charitable with some of this money I’ll get pushed into a higher tax bracket. I’m going to take some meetings with financial advisers to see what I should do with the rest. I do need to refill my propane tank at the Chevron so in the immediate future that’s where some of the money will go. Maybe invest in the stock market?

Browne Eye: Tomorrow is the Red Trolley criterium. Will you be racing?
Landis: I think the rest of this week will be filled with meetings with my advisers on what my next step will be. Also I have got to get back to the golf course as the “Quiet Please” sign holder. That’s my real source of income.


  1. atx says:

    Shacks, no Radio.. blah blah blah.. in the spirit of Bill’s brother in Kill Bill volume 2.. keeping the Hanzo sword, yet still living in squaler.. There is Floyd’s watch (aka Sword, as we know he sold the bikes on Craigslist).. what kind is it?

  2. Scott says:

    Hmmm the elevation gain is actually closer to 2000ft per lap. Great course. Makes a good weekend training ride as well.

    • neilroad says:

      I got the 3,100 feet climbing per lap from the race flier, but it sounds like you have local knowledge of the area. Either way that’s a whole lot of climbing.

  3. azcycledad says:

    I had my Jr. team race that way back in the early 90 somethings. DARN COLD sitting there in the car—waiting. That’s what we coaches do you know. Sure is good to know Floyd thinks of others cuz my boys cudaused some help from the “Center”. Keep up the good work, Floyd. Hey, are you going to apply for Tiger’s comeback tournament? I’ll bet they need an experienced “quiet” sign holder. Ya know you guys could team up maybe. Headlines, “Floyd and Tiger make a comeback!” Sounds catchy, don’t ya think?

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