Cavendish attends the Rollapaluza race in London on the DL

By the look of this photo Cavendish's choopers are all better

To the surprise of bar patrons Mark Cavendish, fresh from having his grill worked on, attended the Rollapaluza race in south London this past Wednesday night. For those not in the know, Rollapaluza races are roller races with Emo kids wearing tight jeans pedaling as fast as possible on a fixie bike. Cycling Weekly reports that the organizers of the roller race knew that Cavendish was going to attend, but kept that information on the down-low.

“We knew he was coming in advance but were asked not to publicize it,” said Paul Churchill of Rollapaluza. “We were told he really enjoyed the evening. He was there for over two hours and was watching the racing intently for most of that.”

With the world’s fastest sprinter in the audience the pressure was ratcheted up for the racers forcing them to bring their “A” game.

While not tempted to roll up his jeans and race on the rollers this past Wednesday, Cavendish will line up for the Ruta dal Sol on February 21st.

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