My Plaid Thermos: Landis interview, CX Worlds, Velonation and Boonen

My last interview with Floyd Landis caused quite an internet stir. It was poached by numerous media outlets and blogs (some giving me credit and others not) as well as appearing in forums from The Netherlands to Japan and back again. As I looked through the numerous posts some people doubted the validity of the interview. I assure you that the interview with Landis was authentic. Look for more to come…

"All you're left with is a plaid thermos..." the wolfman

I am still quite giddy about the Cyclocross World Championships coming to Kentucky in 2013 and Master’s Worlds in 2012. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m already making plans to attend and have adjusted my training plan to arrive at a super-peak in 2012. The Service Course blog has taken his logistical preparation further than I have. He broke down the many reasons why Louisville got the nod from the UCI. Apparently it has to do with Waffle Houses, horse meat and bourbon. Lucky for me I like all three.

Yesterday was my first day at Velonation and I continue to be pumped about the opportunity! They are a bunch of incredibly hard working guys and I predict great things for the site. I’ll be posting stories Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check it out Tuesday, Thursdays,  Saturday and Sunday as well.

One correction from yesterday. In my haste to post late breaking news regarding Tom Boonen and his search for a sofa in the south of France to surf on, the link I posted went to the Mobile App page. My bad. Here’s the link to the Boonen story. Remember I am not endorsing or promoting Boonen staying at your place. I’m only reporting what I read.