My Plaid Thermos: Qatar crashes, Twitter war, Landis and Greenville Spring Series

I told you that there would be crashes with broken collar bones at the Tour of Qatar. Vaughters twittered that Cozza broke his collar bone and Sky’s Kurt Arvesen also went down in the neutral roll-out. And with the cross and side winds being part of the race you can expect more of the same.

"All you're left with is a plaid thermos..." the wolfman

Speaking of Twitter I gotta hand it to Vaughters for poking the bear this weekend with this quote on, “In 2009, the tactics worked in his favor [Wiggins] and Astana were soft-pedaling a bit to not embarrass Lance [Armstrong].” Armstrong’s Twitter response, “I won’t be forgetting this comment anytime soon. #whatatool” Oh snap, it’s on now! I’m waiting for Vaughters to reply with a “Your mama” joke.

As you might have noticed Floyd Landis continues to give me the exclusive on what’s he doing and why he’s doing it. As always, when I get something interesting from the Land of Landis I’ll post it. I’ve been promised more videos, so keep your fingers crossed.

Locally the Greenville Spring Series is right around the corner and I’m feeling like I got some snap to the legs. We’ll see soon enough if that’s just delusional thinking due to a good ride yesterday. I’m anxious to race and see what kind of bite this old dog has left in him…


  1. brian says:

    Everyone knows comments like that are what motivates Armstrong. As for Landis, not sure I like him, but I’m absolutely intrigued by the guy, he is hands down the most interesting cyclist, I get excited whenever I see in my feeder that you have more from him. I really do hope he writes a biography someday. I’d certainly buy it.

    That does make me wonder, would you put together a list of most interesting cyclist to follow on twitter/blogs as there may be others like Landis?

    • Theresa says:

      I adore Floyd Landis. And agree, that he is the most interesting cyclist ever! I love it that you have an exclusive, Neil!!

    • neilroad says:

      I hate to brag but I won the sprint zone and was at the front quite a bit yesterday. I got word that BMC might be looking to bring me onto the team and development me for the 2011 season.

  2. Pete says:

    Scott, there’s ALWAYS crashes in the women’s race. Not intended as a sexist comment, there just is. Always is. Go figure.

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