My Plaid Thermos: The Twitter war is over, The Art of War and Androids

Well it looks like the Twitter war is over before it even got started. Vaughters has clarified his “soft-pedaling” comment on the Versus site, much to my disappointment. I was hoping that it was going to elevate to some real back and forth, possibly dragging Wiggins into the fight creating a virtual Twitter “death-match” – three fighters enter the octagon and only one will survive! This sport needs some shit talking to spice things up. I’m not saying that every interview or press conference should be a chair-tossing, expletive filled tirade of Bobby Knight proportions, but every once in a while something like that would be good. It gets tiring to read the same quotes of, “It was all because of my teammates” or “I got to hand it to my competitors. They were really strong today, but I had a little extra….” More off the cuff comments would get the sport mentioned on the nightly news and, dare to dream, bump off rodeo from Versus. I’m not sure exactly why I have this deep-seated need to see conflict. I blame my parents for not raising me correctly.

"All you're left with is a plaid thermos..." the wolfman

You know who has balls of Godzilla like proportions? RadioShack’s Fumy Beppu and I’ll tell you why. He has one year left on a two-year contract with Skil-Shimano and says, hell with that, I’m bouncing over to the Shack. He works a deal with RadioShack and Skil-Shimano finds out he’s racing on SRAM via the internet. Perhaps Beppu simply consulted The Art of War and made his decision to leave Skil-Shimano based on one of Sun Tzu’s tenants. “Every general has heard of these five things. Those who know them prevail, those who do not know them do not prevail. Therefore, use these assessments for comparison, to find out what the conditions are. That is to say, which political leadership has the Way? Which general has ability? Who has the better climate and terrain? Whose discipline is effective? Whose troops are the stronger? Whose officers and soldiers are the better trained? Whose system of rewards and punishments is clearer? This is how you can know who will win.” Clearly the answer is RadioShack. Enjoy the complimentary remote control car and free batteries Beppu.

Browne Eye Media is taking another step forward in total internet domination by now offering an Android Browne Eye app. Since I don’t have an Android phone I would appreciate it that someone show it to me on the next ride.