My Plaid Thermos

Sometimes all you get is a plaid thermos

Welcome to my semi-daily column of my thoughts called “My Plaid Thermos.” Why such the abstract name? It’s homage to the Wolfman and his philosophic thoughts. (If you haven’t watched the Wolfman videos, they are posted on my main page.) Basically, you are expecting a certain something, but in the end it’s something entirely else – it’s only a plaid thermos. I really don’t expect everyone to get it, but it made me laugh. Anyways it’ll be a short post of items that caught my eye or stuff that I’m doing. Enjoy or ignore…

Browne Eye Media entered the app world with the launch of the free Browne Eye Mobile iPhone app. This app provides you with all the content that is on the site in a neat iPhone friendly package. My latest blog posts? Of course I have that! Want the latest interview? It’s there. Twitter posts? Got it. Random news? All over it. Download it from the iTunes app store and let me know what you think.

After a long day in front of the computer I like to unwind with a few beers and call into Bicycle Radio to either harass the guests or just promote the hell out of myself. Yesterday was the latter. The topic of the moment was Floyd Landis and Rock Racing – two topics I know well. So I picked up the phone and called in. Listen to it and other podcast appearances here. I come on about 29 minutes into the show and was informative and entertaining.

Finally, today I am happy to announce that I have officially joined the Velonation crew. I’ll be posting stories and as things grow who knows what I’ll be doing. Anyways go check it out.


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