Hunter wins stage at Murcia – A director’s report

Hunter takes stage 1 of Murcia

Johnny Weltz, team director of Garmin-Transitions, recounts Hunter’s stage win.

After a storm the whole night we where lucky to wake to a blue sky. It was perfect conditions for racing and right from the start there was attacks. 10 km into the race we had Danny up the road with another guy and two more bridged up. These four gained up to four minutes, then two teams started the chase. It went up and down the whole day but not more than four minutes maximum.

Over the last climb of the day the field started to split and the speed was really high. The break was caught with 20 km to go, but served us well as the front post during the day. In the cross wind the field split into several groups. Michel Kreder had a flat at a bad moment and never came back to the front again. But we had our key hitters up there: Zabriskie, Robbie and Danny. As we approached the finish more people got dropped in the cross wind and the reduced group was a perfect scenario for us where Robbie rounded up the day with a clear victory!


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