The great battle that never was and children, the harbinger of disease

Armstrong and Landis united by the same disease - an upset stomach

Like most people this past weekend I was expecting a great showdown at the Criterium International between the two current titans of cycling: Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador. The media built the hype like it was the shootout at the O.K. Corral. However as we know, it was all blanks. Contador said he suffering from allergies and Armstrong in a post-stage 1 interview said that his lack of form was stemming from an absence of racing and a bout of gastroenteritis he contracted. β€œWhen you have four kids you manage to pick up what they have.”

Stateside I was looking forward to Floyd Landis’ debut in the Bahati Foundation colors at the Redlands Classic. However Landis did not start the final stage on Sunday. A Twitter post from the team’s director said that Landis had not been feeling well the days prior and he had decided to not start stage 3. Upon further investigation and using my many sources I discovered that Landis was suffering from a stomach virus. Now this is where it gets interesting.

Seven-time Tour de France winner is felled by a virus he contracted from his own kids and now Landis, riding for a team that supports kids, is also knocked out of competition by the same virus.

Coincidence – I think not. What does this mean – I have no idea. Will I be following up on this story – I doubt it.


  1. Justin says:

    “Gastro-intestinal issues have hit 09 TDF’s best: @lancearmstrong, @bradwiggins, and @andy_Schleck. Something in the punch? Is Contador next?”

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