Hitting the big time and Tour of Flanders streaming

I'm going pro blogger with VS next week

I’ve had a busy time lately. Launched a new web site that is focused on cycling in the Southeast – www.CarolinaCyclingNews.com. This came about because I had the hardest time finding information that was accurate, up to date and in one location. It was scattered all over like Waffle House hash browns. That’s how I like my breakfast, but not my racing information. So if you live/race or are going to race in the Southeast take a look at the site. It’s still in its infancy and more changes/updates will be coming. Everyone should be tuned in during the US Pro when we’ll be featuring extra coverage of the race.

On top of that I got some really cool news the other day. Out of the blue my cell phone rings – it’s from Versus. Naturally I assumed it was about the alleged pirate cable box I hacked or the crank calls to Liggett of which I’m also accused. Turns out they read my blog, like it and asked me if I could write for them! So starting next week look for a weekly blog from yours truly. Now I need to come up with a catchy title for this literary masterpiece. If anyone out there has an idea for a title drop me a comment. And I’m not offering any prizes because you can’t put a price on the satisfaction of knowing you contributed.

However, with all this stuff going on I’m still going to take a “mental heath day” this Sunday and watching Tour of Flanders. To optimize my viewing pleasure and because I was getting lazy about dragging my laptop out and connecting it to my TV, I bought a small desktop computer to tether to my forty-two inches of television goodness. So all I need to do is turn on my TV, press the on button for the computer and boom, I’m on line and viewing Euro race coverage. If there’s no English speaking broadcasts or that Scottish guy is doing commentary I’ll be Twittering translations throughout the race.

I still gotta watch that damn Netflix movie

I have a favorite but I don’t want to jinx it, so I’m keeping it to myself. Some riders are saying it’s going to be a smaller group and others point to the change in the course that will keep things interesting. Either way you slice it I’ll be eating waffles with Nutella spread, drinking strong Euro coffee and yelling like a crazed tifosi.

Speaking of interesting – Pozzato, a favorite at Flanders, was struck by a stomach problem. I wonder if he has kids or is doing charity work for children?


    • anitabfranklin says:

      @neilroad woohoo! Blogging for VS? I think they should kick ole Hummer out & let you do the broadcasts.

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