INTERVIEW: BMC’s John Murphy

Murphy hitting the cobbles at Omloop PHOTO: Tim De Waele

This Sunday BMC’s John Murphy steps into the big league of professional cycling – racing Paris-Roubaix. This is not the Murphy’s first day at the rodeo and has ridden the Roubaix cobbles as a U-23 rider for the U.S. National team, finishing in 13th place in 2006. With the biggest one day race of the year just 48 hours away, Murphy answered my hard-hitting questions and finally challenges me to a fight.

Browne Eye: Where do you live in Europe?
John Murphy: I’m living in Gent, Belgium in Tyler Farrar’s upstairs apartment. Just crashing there until I find a place for myself. Still working on that.

Browne Eye: You’ve raced in Europe before as part of the American U-23 team. How big of a difference is it now?
Murphy: Bigger. Much bigger. Big team and bigger races. It’s time to grip it and rip it!

Browne Eye: What’s the day in the life of John Murphy like now?
Murphy:Wake up, drink some jpmurph coffee with breakfast (eggs), go train, lunch, nap, blah blah blah. I have a more excited day to day during my off-season.

Browne Eye: The speed on cobbles seem mind-blowing on tv, how do you prepare for that type of racing?
Murphy:We just did two days of recon and we rode most of the 27 sectors. Prepare for it? Good question. Double wrapped bars is a good start!

Browne Eye: Do you have any modifications to your bike before Roubaix?
Murphy:Double wrapped bars, some cool new pedals from Speedplay to help with mud, we have awesome SLR BMCs that are made for the cobbles, special aluminum wheels, and even some more!

Browne Eye: You’ve ridden the sections of the course. What are your impressions?
Murphy:Um, it’s gonna be a rough ride.

Browne Eye: Who is a favorite for Paris-Roubaix?
Murphy: Duh, Hincapie.

Browne Eye: Where do you think the crucial selection be made for Roubaix?
Murphy: I think after the Arenberg if you are at the front you are in a good spot.

Browne Eye: How much John Murphy coffee do you drink before a Belgian race versus a Spanish race? More, less, about the same?
Murphy: Three shots of jpmurph espresso. I haven’t raced in Spain yet this year but it would be the same.

Browne Eye: You have an Irish background. How many fights have you gotten into since moving to Europe? Follow up question: Who did you pummel the worse?
Murphy: Would you fight me? No fights yet.