Street Sprints at Rock Hill Omnium

Dave Forkner takes the street sprint for Globalbikes

Day one of the Rock Hill omnium started with  350 meter sprints contested in the downtown area.  The street sprints started in the waning daylight with the final sprint heats contested under portable lights. Dashing out from the shadows for the victory in the men’s pro/1/2 field was David Forkner of Globalbikes.

Forkner earned his sprint victory the hard way by qualifying through two sprint heats before the final show-down on Main Street. In the finale Forkner still had a some gas in the tank and crossed the finish line a half a wheel in front of his Globalbike teammate Ben Renkema.

In the Pro 1/2 woman’s field Emily Joyner was the quickest lady out of the blocks. At the time of this report further details of Joyner’s win were not available.

Tomorrow is stage 2 of the omnium, the Patriot’s Trail road race, with the pro 1/2 men racing 94 miles and the woman 47 miles.