Kick off bbq for GS élan

Domestiquesports Criterium
Soon there will be another women's club on the podium

The Greenville Spinners has a new bike club under their cycling umbrella: GS élan. The team’s mission statement is to promote a healthy lifestyle for women of all ages and athletic abilities. The experienced members of GS élan will seek to educate and motivate members of the squad through mentoring, group rides and incentive programs. Another focus of the club is motivate women to use their bikes for both fitness and as a mode of transportation.

If you are a woman and want to join GS élan or just find out more about the new club there will be an area set up at the Greenville Spinners July 8th SCTAC time trial. If you’re a member of the Greenville Spinners you are automatically a member of this women’s only club.

After the time trial there is also a bbq and swap meet, so now is the time to clear out the garage of used bike parts or maybe find that obscure piece of equipment you’ve always needed. And what’s a get together without prizes? Fill out a survey form at the GS élan booth and you are entered into a raffle for a “Powered by Passion” shirt. So slip into your apres clothes and stay a spell.

To contact a member of GS élan e-mail them at


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