Product Review: ID4Sports

Wear the ID4Sports on your shoe or around your neck
Wear the ID4Sports on your shoe or around your neck

Accidents – they are an unfortunate fact of participating in sports. Whether they are superficial or critical, correct medical information as well as a contact numbers are important. Whenever we participate in a sport we sign a waiver that includes contact numbers of who to call in case of an injury. Readers of this site all have countless stories of near-misses and crashes. Yet when we are training how many us step out the door without any identification or information on us regarding who to contact in case of an emergency or medical information for a first responder?

ID4Sports is a South Carolina company that offers several alternatives to insuring that your identification, contact numbers as well as medical information are all readily available to an attending medical expert or Good Samaritan. You can even have a custom slogan or pick one from their pop-down menu (and no, “I have anger in my stomach” is unfortunately not one of them). ID4Sports offers four options at different price points: The Kit 1 (Classic Metal Dog Tag – two dog tags: one with a 30-inch bead chain with clasp and the other with a four-inch bead chain with clasp), the Kit 2 (Enduro Plastic ID: two custom plastic tag and includes a timing chip holder ankle strap and a removable id shoe pouch), the Kit 3 (The Combo Kit: a combination of Kit 1 and Kit 2 with the exception of only one dog tag) and Kit 4 (Singlet Kit: one metal dog tag with 30-inch bead chain with clasp).

I’m not someone who likes to wear a bracelet or necklace. I even have a hard time remembering to wear a watch (which might explain why I’m always running late). For this reason I opted for the Kit 1 which includes the four-inch bead chain which I have attached to my shoe. I no longer have to worry about remembering to wear a form of identification – it’s already looped through the Velcro straps of my cycling shoe. That said, I am getting better at remembering to slip on the dog tag when I train.

With personal medical information ready at a glance wearing the ID4Sports kit should be as much a part of your training routine as filling your water bottles and carrying a spare inner tube. If you have a existing medical condition having that type of information available to a first responder is crucial in those vital first moments of an accident. Make it easier on the attending medical personnel as well as on your loved ones by having it available instantly.