Tour de France Drinking Game

Drinking games are almost a rite of passage for a member of the Browne family. In honor of my Irish dad I’m sharing this version of the family tradition which combines two things he loves: watching the Tour de France and drinking.

If you are participating in my Versus Tour de France daily online live chat (and if you’re not shame on you!) print out the list below (or view it on the Browne Eye Mobile app) and on the corresponding stage listen for Paul and Phil’s catch phrase or random comment. When you hear the phrase take a strong pull on your morning beverage of choice. Depending on the stage and my mood, I may be drinking a bloody mary, coffee chased with espresso and/or my fav beer of the week.

One added caveat to this game is that you are not allowed to leave and relieve yourself of any internal biological pressure that may be building due to the inordinate amount of liquid you are ingesting. What I mean is you can’t get up to pee – you need to hold it.

Also, some phrases are worth double gulps**, so be prepared with enough of your beverage to continue throughout the whole stage. If you run out of your drink before the stage is over is considered a rookie move and shows a lack of planning. Don’t be that guy – plan ahead.

For the hard core players, I’m adding the option of drinking a Red Dragon for sightings of the infamous Devil.

As an added bonus I’ve included a couple of Tour de France ring tones. Amaze your cycling friends and annoy your co-workers with the Versus Cycling theme song and a Tour de France car horn. (To use these as your ringtones, download the files to your PC desktop and drag them into your iTunes library.  For further assistance, I suggest Googling for instructions.)

Stage 15
  • Fans in ridiculous costumes
  • Genitalia painted on road
  • The elastic has snapped**
  • Suitcase of courage
  • Thank you very much
Stage 16
  • Comment about scenery
  • Comment about animal on side of road**
  • Mano a mano
  • Dancing on the pedals
  • Serious blow to the morale
Rest Day Bonus Round
  • they’ve stretched the elastic
  • put the hammer down
  • Turned a pedal in anger
  • Massive crowd**
  • Like a trojan
Stage 17
  • Random fact about the city Tour is passing through
  • Traffic furniture**
  • He’s popped
  • Done his job
  • Suffering like an animal
Stage 18
  • Heads of State**
  • Cat’s amongst the pigeons
  • Have to dig deep
  • Boom-Boom and out go the lights
  • Ticket collector
Stage 19
  • Once you pull on that golden fleece, you become two men
  • Resplendent
  • Gods of cycling
  • My goodness me
  • Mask of pain**
Stage 20
  • Argee Bargee**
  • Desperately Close
  • Cross Swords
  • Going Over the Top
  • Comment about the Arc de Triumph


  1. heather... says:

    Drunk before 1030 EDT… woohoo!
    I’ve played drinking games with Irishmen before, but I don’t remember much. I know that ultimately, none of us were winners = )

  2. Stephanie W. says:

    Yay suitcase of courage! Too bad I’m actually in France where there’s no possibility to listen to P^2. Sad face.

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