Sunshine Cycle Shop Hour of Power

Hour of Power
Hour of Power Ride in full effect

The October issue of Bicycling Magazine printed the top 50 shop rides in the U.S. and Greenville’s Sunshine Cycle Shop “Hour of Power” ride is among those listed.

The ride rolls out at 7:45 AM on Saturday for 28 to 30 miles, returning back to the shop around 9:30 where coffee will be waiting. While the post-ride atmosphere is laid back and friendly with riders hanging out in the shop, participants should be on a well running road bike and ready for “spirited” efforts.

Sunshine Cycle Shop owner, Mike McMillan, describes the ride as, “quality of ride rather than quantity of riders.” The loop includes climbs of various distances, rolling sprinter-like inclines, and flat roads to contest sprints – truly a ride that offers a little bit of everything. Depending on the time of year there can be from 15 riders to 50 milling around in the Sunshine Cycle Shop parking lot ready to ride.

McMillan isn’t sure how the “Hour of Power” ride got on  Bicycling Magazine’s radar.

“We have a lot of people come through this area and do the ride – maybe that’s how they found out. But we didn’t tell them (Bicycling Magazine) about the ride.”

Well it looks like the secret is out. If you’re looking for a training ride that offers everything, set the alarm clock Friday night for the “Hour of Power”.

WHERE: Sunshine Cycle Shop
WHEN: 7:45 AM, Saturday
WHAT: 28-30 miles at race-pace with varying terrain

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