Cycling movies coming to theaters

Armstrong victorious in 2009 at Leadville 100

Two cycling movies can be found at your movie theaters. The documentary “Race Across the Sky” is a favorite for Levi Leipheimer fans. Many local fans will be excited to see George Hincapie in the other documentary “Chasing Legends.”

The Leadville 100 mountain bike race in Colorado has earned the title of an epic race. With 14,000 feet of elevation gain and contested at two-miles above sea level, this is the ultimate test of man against the elements as well as them self. While the elite riders battle for the win, most racers are looking just to survive and earn the converted Leadville belt buckle.

In 2009 seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong lined up for the Leadville 100 against some of the best mountain bikers. His main rival was six-time Leadville winner Dave Weins. In a hard fought battle Armstrong took the win even after suffering with a flat tire in the closing miles of the race. The action was captured by various cameras, motos and helicopters to create the documentary, “Race Across the Sky.”

While the main attraction was the battle between Armstrong and Weins there were other story lines captured by the film makers. The story of a Leadville woman who was critically injured by a car while training for the race, another who suffers from MS and a forty-five year old plus rider who has competed all 15 years of the race will touch you with their courage and determination.

Lance Armstrong did not take to the start line in 2010, however his RadioShack teammate Levi Leipheimer did. It was thought Armstrong’s record pace had put the course record out of reach, however Leipheimer proved otherwise. Once again the race action was captured documentary style by Citizen Pictures and this November 4th will be shown at select movie theaters around the nation. Go to to find the closest theater near you showing “Race Across the Sky.” If the film is anything like the 2009 version, you’ll leave the theater inspired and motivated to ride your mountain bike.

Another cycling film that is making the rounds at theaters is “Chasing Legends.” This documentary follows team HTC-Columbia during the 2009 Tour de France. The film makers received an incredible behind the scenes view of what goes on during the world’s biggest sporting event. While the focus is on the HTC-Columbia squad, there are several interviews with Jens Voigt showing why he is popular with both fans and competitors. One poignant moment of the movie is when Greenville resident George Hincapie realizes that he lost a chance to wear the yellow jersey by the narrowest of margins due to the chase by the Garmin team. The film captures the heart break and joy of competing in the Tour.

Currently the film is showing in California and in December, moves to Maine. The “Chasing Legends” site does not give further dates of additional showings. Luckily you don’t need to wait for the movie to head to the southeast. A two-disc DVD is available for purchase on the Chasing Legends site. For the road racing fan this a DVD not to be missed.


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