Floyd Landis on Bradley Wiggins interview

Bad ass goatee? Check!

The sporting world has gone ape-shit crazy over Sport’s Illustrated article on alleged doping by seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. But really for most of us there isn’t much new information. Sure the Don Catlin accusations are interesting and will surely cause the “Master of P.R. Disaster” Mark Fabini to clock in for some overtime pay, but hey that’s why he’s paid the big bucks. In all the excitement of comments from lawyers, public relations people and Armstrong himself, let’s not forget the riders in the professional peloton.

Englishman Brad Wiggins stated to CyclingNews.com, “I think you have to question Landis’ credibility because he lied under oath before and the stories that you hear about him drinking and things like that and you know, [making] telephone calls to people I know, threatening them with things, you just think that the guy appears to not all be there. So when you see these kinds of claims in the press you have to question his credibility because it’s almost like it’s coming from a mad man, but at the same time maybe that’s all borne out of frustration and things.”

And as readers of my blog know, Landis – broke, crazy and living in a shack – does not have the financial resources to hit back against these claims. Instead he has The Beazed who is not afraid to let people know his bark is worse than his bite.


  1. Big E says:

    A truly biting interview. *hahaha* Though I couldn’t agree more. Opinions are fine, but just rambling streams of consciousness to the media is dumb. And once you go full retard you can never go back.

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