Twitter co-sponsors Team RadioShack?

Cleaner look for 2011

Team RadioShack just officially released images of their 2011 kit. In my opinion a better looking design from the red strapless dress look of 2010. All the usual sponsors are on board for the jersey: RadioShack (title sponsor), Trek, and Nike. Along the side panel of the shorts is “The Shack” – the cooler name that the board of directors thought the kids would dig and reportedly what they were going to re-brand the failing stores. One new logo has made its way onto the front of the jersey – the ubiquitous bird icon of Twitter.

From the RadioShack press release, “Since the inception of Team RadioShack, we’ve relied heavily on Twitter to help keep our fans around the world updated and engaged, so we’re excited to embrace them on our 2011 kit.” That well over 140 character statement from the mouth of executive vice president and chief marketing officer for RadioShack Lee Applbaum. “It is a very natural fit for our Team and our brand,” Mr Applbaum succinctly continues.

So is this any surprise to us that RadioShack’s most well known member and seven time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong will have the small Twitter icon on his chest? It shouldn’t be. The blog, “Mastering the Uphill Shift” correlates some interesting facts about this 140 character form of communication and how it gained a foothold in professional cycling.

“The cycling community is not large and the pro cycling fan base is even more not large. This is where Twitter comes in. Twitter gives us cycling fans a place to find like- minded individuals, a place to follow the pros through their training, races, wins and loses, a place to follow races which aren’t shown on TV or are available online only with Dutch commentary, a place to connect with fellow race watches around the globe. Through Twitter, pro cycling becomes so much more than just what comes through the TV or computer.”

I am interested to see what RadioShack does with this medium of instant communication. Are they using it to remove the middleman (AKA – journalists) to get their message out and to keep their vision on point or whatever executive vice presidents and chief marketing say they do? Ironically earlier this evening I believe @mmmaiko Twittered that Armstrong has the itchy trigger finger with blocking Followers who aren’t “Team Lance.” Will that “Block Follower” button get a rest in 2011?

Anyways its 1:15 in the morning and I needed to get that off my chest. I’ll look for any obvious typos later today.


  1. Gian says:

    Fast forward to 2012 and they’re banning their riders from using it because they called out management.

    Sorry, I read this for the first time today.

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