Tour of Flanders – God is Back

Maybe because I just wrote about the Tour of Flanders and I’m excited that it’s this Sunday that I feel compelled to post a promotional video for the race. As I wrote for Versus, the Ronde isn’t just a bike race in Flanders, but a part of that region’s identity.

The locals are gathering along the fence line or meeting at the pub. People are staking out their spots on one of the 18 muurs. And there is only one conversation that day – who will win the Tour of Flanders? Yes I know the commercial is using actors but it does an excellent job of conveying the building excitement for the day. The music is slow and tense. The black and white film shows the stark¬†terrain and displays the intensity that the Flandish people have for the race. Someone is painting “God is terug” on the road, translated, God is back.

I’ll be up Sunday morning to watch the bootlegged streaming video feed, live chatting and God knows what else. Grab a waffle and join me.

Thanks to inrng for the video.



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