USADA suspends North Carolina master racer for doping

Cannell 2009 national master time trial champion
The United States Anti Doping Agency in a press release announced that Peter Cannell of North Carolina has been suspended for two years following a positive result for the anabolic agent drostanolone in an out of competition test conducted April 16th, 2010. The positive result came from a urine sample collected as part of the USADA out of competition testing program.

Cannell admitted to previous use of an anabolic agent and as as result his results from February 6, 2007 to the present have been forfeited.

The USADA press release states that 37 year old Cannell accepted a two-year period of ineligibility for his doping offense, beginning on May 17, 2010, the day he accepted a provisional suspension. In a search of the USA Cycling website Cannell was a member of the Team Cannell Champion Training club. According to the site the club’s status expired in 2010. On the GamJams site Cannell has a coaching column offering time trial advice.

Cannell was the 2009 national masters time trial champion as well as the 2007 masters road race champion.

In a 2007 USA Cycling race report from the masters championships in Champion, Pennsylvania Cannell “powered ahead” to take the win. That power, unfortunately, came from the use of doping products.

Recently several master racers around the country have been suspended not only due to a positive doping test but also from information supplied to USADA by Joe Papp.

Papp is a former professional racer who pleaded guilty for conspiracy to distribute human growth hormone and recombinant eyrthropoietin imported from China. reported in September 2010 that their sources have said anywhere from 15 to 25 masters, elite, and professional cyclists have been notified of non-analytical violations as a result of having allegedly conspired with Papp. Since then several master racers have been suspended.

It has not been reported that Cannell’s admission to previous doping violations prior to April 16th were due to collaboration with Papp.

Local blog Crank Zombie wrote in his August 11th post that USADA visited the Harrisburg Criterium in North Carolina. There was much speculation regarding why USADA appeared at this race.


  1. Doper says:

    So, all of Pete’s team members and people he coached need to be tested and suspended too.

  2. MM says:

    To you ‘Doper’…
    I know, WELL, one guy Pete coached. Drugs never entered into any conversation. This person is the type who gets up @ 0430 to do intervals in the dark…are you? I know I’m not…
    He also has his letter(s) from the USADA stating he has passed testing.

    Before you start pointing fingers, remember that the community in the Carolinas is a small, almost incestuous one.

    Don’t make dumbass assertions.

    Questions have circled a lot of the NC guys for years. Some of these questions may be valid ones…
    As for Pete, well…enjoy the layoff, you deserve it!

  3. Emory Ball says:

    Actually the last club he was on removed him for being a poor teammate and club member, to their credit. in reality the folks he was coaching should sue him for fraud since he sold his services based off the fact the he had been able to achieve such great results himself with his “training” program. Since the results were based off of doping that seems like it would be a fraudulent claim.

    On a personal note this guy was one of the most arrogent people I have ever met or raced with, he was condescending when when I congratulated him on his results. Seriously a sad person that not only gloated but gloated based on results that were a lie.

  4. Jared says:

    Suspended because he coached them? Suspended because they race on the same team? Seriously?!??

  5. Bob From Accounting says:

    That douche bag passed me like I was standing still with gale force winds in a fucking rain storm at US Masters TT in 2008.

    Ha Haaaaaa. Suck it bitch.

    US Cycling… Plant your ass down here and clean these fields.

  6. It’s a shame. The only good part of the picture is that the rules were upheld and the result published.

    Test away — if you’ve bought an extra cylinder (or two), you need to be caught.

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