Versus adds another commentator to the booth

Versus is proud to announce another addition to our award-winning commentary team – Neil Browne. As you may know, Neil is a prolific blogger, consummate tweet artist and a very big deal in the cycling industry. These past months we were amazed by his untapped abilities in video blog production. Although his early style resembled hostage videos, over time they morphed into something that is strangely watchable. We here at Versus think that Neil is a lump of coal that can become a diamond. And let’s face it, we needed to have someone behind the desk that hadn’t witnessed first hand the German Blitzkrieg over London.

“Last year at the Amgen Tour of California was the first time I’ve spent any time with Neil,” said Versus commentator Phil Liggett. “He really knew how to make a good cup of tea – which is very important if he’s to be part of the crew. Plus, he knows a lot of random facts about French churches, vineyards and towns that the Tour passes through. That takes a load off of me and I can focus on my tea.”

“Neil is a wealth of cycling knowledge,” confirmed CEO of Versus/Comcast/NBC Sports Max Schumacher. “He can rattle off the most insignificant fact about any stage in the Tour de France. Originally I thought he was retarded like Dustin Hoffman’s character in Rain Man. Turned out he really just liked cycling!”

“I’m excited to be apart of the Versus/Comcast/NBC Sports family,” said Browne proudly. “I have gotten into the habit of shaving daily and being mostly sober when it comes time to be on air. The whole mix-up with Interpol is cleared so I’m allowed to enter Europe again. I’ve also perfected the way Phil and Paul like their tea. I hear Paul’s a real ball buster about how he likes a nip of “talking juice” in his afternoon tea.”

Having recently moved to South Carolina Neil will also be called upon to cover rodeo. He has been working on his Southern drawl and learned to tip back his Stetson cowboy hat at the end of every sentence.


  1. Tina Ruse says:

    Versus,I watch and support you because of cycling.I have to say putting Neil Browne in the booth is the dumbest thing you have done yet.That a company decides to give someone t.v. access after watching him bomb on his blog videos does not say much for your business sense.I wish you would help grow cycling on t.v.,don’t kill it with crappy commentators.He should not be in a booth Paul or Phil,it’s a insult.I’d rather watch old and knowledgeable over young and talentless any day.Maybe the rodeo thing will work for him but I have a feeling those people are not stupid either.

  2. c_fiddy says:

    Ha! Good April fools! I thought you were going to say “Bob Roll named new president of UCI”

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