Swamp Rabbit Trail – more than a path

The Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, South Carolina is more than just a path from the downtown area. The 13 mile trail travels out to Travelers Rest and offers not only a safe route to ride your bike, but in the downtown area, there is a rubberized section of the path for walkers and runners. While the trail is a great addition to the Greenville landscape there are some features of the path that shouldn’t be missed.

As reported in the June issue of Go Magazine second grader Alley Dickerson opened a lemonade stand on her family property that backs up to trail. After her stand was vandalized, a donated stand from the St. Francis Foundation took the place and Alley Kat’s Waterin’ Hole was back in business. Recently added to the stand is an area with permanent seating and a place to park bikes. We jokingly wonder how long is it before Alley has an espresso machine in operation.

The old Alley Cat stand has been replaced

At the blue painted lemonade stand you can also purchase beverages other than lemonade and Ally told Go that she’d like to expand her sales to include ice cream. Beyond food the Waterin’ Hole is the place to pick up an “official” Swamp Rabbit Trail bell. A quick chime of the bell is a great way to let riders or pedestrians know they are going to be passed. A warning yell, no matter how well meaning, can be misinterpreted or cause the person being overtaken to swerve into the path of the oncoming rider.

Near the end of the path in Travelers Rest is The Cafe at Williams Hardware restaurant. Wisely, they have signage on the Swamp Rabbit Trail alerting people that the restaurant is bike friendly. At this point they have a bike rack so your machine doesn’t need to be leaned against the building. Unfortunately, the rack is located too far away from the building, so if you have an unlocked bike you’ll be nervous about leaving it that far away unattended. The proprietors serve a good cup of coffee and offer a range of meals to fuel you for that last push home.


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