2011 Tour de France: Rest Day Live Chat

THE SUFFERFEST is this week’s
TourChats sponsor!

Join Neil and JoE Silva for a rest day video live chat. We are trying out Vokle Beta for tonight’s video live chat. You can ask questions via webcam or text. However, you need Flash and pop-ups to participate, so unfortunately no iPad, no Chrome.


  1. BrowneEyeMedia says:

    If you want to see the chat and ask questions, click “join event.” You don’t need a webcam unless you want to ask questions via video.

  2. Luc Prévost says:


    Is it possible that leaders are crashing because they are under more stress as their “preparation” has been disturbed?

    When I’m under a lot of pressure, the holes seems bigger and more difficult to avoid.

    And it is clear that leaders are climbing with their mouth gasping this year.

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