Endurance training facility opens in Greenville

Opening just a few minutes from downtown Greenville, South Carolina is a new state of the art training facility The Edge Endurance Training Center. The new owners have taken over the empty Labor Ready building on Buncombe St, gutted it and installed training equipment. The main workout room has an area devoted to eight CompuTrainers (with the possibility of more being added). Treadmills as well as a Universal weight system will also be part of this spacious area.

In a separate room Coach Jim Cunningham will have space devoted to bike fits. And if your bike needs tweaking a mechanic will be on hand at select hours. However cyclists aren’t the only athletes the Edge hopes to see come through the front door. With several running coaches on staff clients can get their gait analyzed to determine their most efficient stride. Massage therapist Sam Smith has set up a relaxing private room with a massage table to work out any and all body structure imbalances. Finally, for the client who needs to go to straight to work, there is a shower available.

“We had to be efficient with the space we have,” explained Smith. One look around the open space and you can see some of the simple, yet clever, ways the Edge staff have used to maximize what space they have available. Numerous large Pilates balls are racked up along the wall and off the floor, clearing the room for group exercise classes.

Speaking to Smith, who will lead some group core classes, “This will hurt like hell.” You know the saying – no pain, no gain.

While this new facility might seem like an athlete’s Mecca, with a trained massage therapist, certified coaches in running, cycling and multisport, The Edge is able to assist people in their rehabilitation needs with strength and conditioning classes. Having weak core strength is often the cause of back issues and strengthening that area leads to improvement. As someone who has had to deal with this issue, strengthening that notoriously weak area improved my own back issue.

The Edge shows why Greenville is leading the charge in fitness.

Web: The Edge Training Center
Facebook: The Edge Training Center
Location: 801 Buncombe St, Greenville, SC
Phone: 864-320-0200


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