An open letter to Lance Armstrong

Lance ArmstrongI know we’ve had our differences and words were exchanged. I suspect that the ugliness might have been influenced by a couple of late night Michelob Ultras. I’m willing to put aside our differences: you thinking I’m a complete douchebag, me disappointed about your actions as someone who doped to win the Tour de France and then threw everyone around you under the bus as a method of saving your reputation. But I say let bygones be bygones.

I was inspired to write because recently you started to follow @Festinagirl on Twitter who, to put it mildly, has not thought too highly of your actions as a person. You even replied to her that you’ve been a fan, “always have been.” So I ask, why not follow me? As you know, like FestinaGirl I’ve been very accusatory regarding your Tour wins and your actions, but I’m just an equal opportunity ball-buster (no pun intended).

So what’s in it for you? Well we could DM and I could be your source of snarky 140 character replies to Vaughters or those dickhead triathletes that dare make light of road racers. No offense, but “Cervelo didn’t pay their bills?” and “They still have advertisers” regarding as well as the rather passive aggressive comments toward Vaughters aren’t your best work. Focus on the cancer awareness stuff and I’ll be your Twitter insult wingman.

Be a guest on my weekly TourChats show (broadcast by the trendy Vokle) and let’s make up. Did I mention I’ve also been personally affected by cancer? We’ve got plenty to discuss.


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