The week in review via Twitter

@neilroad hates failwhales...

Twitter is where I often go to spout off on a number of subjects. Sometimes those 140 character posts are jump off points for other conversations. For those who are not on Twitter or may just pop in occasionally, here are some highlights from the past week.

@neilroad: Looking at photos from CN’s report on Tour of Beijing I don’t see any spectators?

@neilroad: OK…stand corrected. Maybe these images were just added but there are spectators at Beijing finish line

I got some responses from people actually watching the race in person and they reported that the crowds were in fact sparse. The Chinese police were a little concerned about large public gatherings. I wonder if the Chinese officials realized that watching a bike race required a large gathering? Turns out that bike racing is not an approved Chairman Mao activity.

@neilroad: Trying to read CN story that says UCI deny threatening teams but a 404 error. Has Aigle launched cyber attack?

I’ve been reading post-race reports and watching video clips from the Tour of Beijing. Let’s forget for a moment the mutual hand jobs that the race organizer and the UCI have given to each other to make this race happen. From threatening emails sent to team sponsors to how a sport’s governing body has stepped into a role of race promoter – this all stinks to high heaven like the back alley of a Beijing restaurant. Then another bomb dropped which again showed the shadiness of cycling’s governing body.

@neilroad: Wow! Sometimes you think the UCI can’t do anything stupider & then this cock-up. Cycling needs new leadership from top to bottom

Hold on! Stop the presses! The UCI didn’t conduct the blood testing like they said they would at the Amgen Tour of California. Also there were no blood testing at Tour of Utah and the Colorado Pro Challenge Stage Race Whatever the Hell They Want To Name It Race? What more can I say that hasn’t already been said numerous times – Pat McQuaid and his cronies need to be removed.

But the best tweets of the week have come from my mom who is visiting from England. Here’s a sample which will undoubtedly grow during her four week stay.

My mom:”what you write can be seen around the world? Me: Yes, on the internet. Mom: “oh, that’s lovely. #shitmymomsays

@neilroad: Spent AM trying to explain why not good idea to walk around w/$100s in cash. “I’ve never been robbed except 1 time in Spain” #shitmymomsays

@neilroad: British people say “nachos” funny. #shitmymomsays

Another Twitter personality, Austin Carroll is going to be on our TourChats show this Sunday. You can tell he is excited:

@AustinCarroll: I am going to be on @TourChats this Sunday!!! More info soon!!!

Another guest will be US women’s TT champ Evelyn Stevens. She’s not on Twitter yet…