Master of top-secretness: Allen Lim

Back at the 2010 US Pro, I joined Allen Lim for the hot scoop as we followed Taylor Phinney on the TT course. He’ll be sharing more of his wise words on this Sunday’s live TourChats for Cycling Fans show. And this week we’ve got three guests for the price of two: Co-authors Dr. Allen Lim and chef Biju Thomas, will talk with us about their new book, The Feed Zone Cookbook – drink of choice for this segment is beet juice. Then cyclocross star Ryan Trebon of LTS/Felt will join us, so have your beer hand ups and best heckling at the ready.

In my younger years the major proportion of my calories was received from the Taco Bell drive-through. Now as I’ve gotten older and wiser (?) I know that I need to be more picky regarding how and where I get my food. The Feed Zone Cookbook is a cornucopia of simple recipes. What I really liked about the book, other than the ease of the recipes, was the presentation and the quality of the book – it’s a hard cover with heavy glossy stock paper that shows the beauty of the photographs. After viewing a few photos of the prepared meals you’ll start salivating like Pavlov’s dogs.

Ryan Trebon was one of the two Twin Towers in cyclocross – the other being his former teammate Barry Wicks. Trebon should have been leaving for Europe to race, instead the only riding he’s doing is the sofa as he recovers from an injury sustained during his warm-up before the Louisville, USGP race. On Sunday night we’ll give Ryan a distraction from his downtime and he’ll chat with us about the season, his chances to recover before the cyclocross national championships in Madison and why his dog is named Frank.

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