Frankie returns to the Tour de France

Frankie in action Photo: James Startt
I interviewed Frankie Andreu, director of the Kenda/5 Hour Energy presented by Geargrinder team the other week for CyclingNews. The site wanted an interview about the team, what was going on at the training camp and who were the new guys. There’s some information that I get that just doesn’t make it onto, so I thought I’d post it here.

I spoke to Frankie during the camp and as expected he was keeping busy getting the squad organized with the new equipment and the general organization that needs to happen when you get 20 cyclists together. After discussing the team’s goals and his hope that they get an invite to the Amgen Tour of California, Andreu told me about his plans for July.

“I’m going to go back (to the Tour de France) for Bicycling Magazine,” said Frankie. “It will be James (Startt) and I again. I had a lot of fun doing it because it was a lot more relaxed and I had a lot more freedom to talk and discuss about whatever topics we wanted.”

This is great news as I thought the commentating duo of Andreu and Startt were excellent – they were both obviously having fun and know the sport inside and out.

“He knows a lot about cycling and the history,” said Andreu of Startt. “He’s been behind the camera for so long that he has a pretty good relationship with a lot of the riders – that helps.”

So good luck to the Kenda/5 Hour Energy team in their bid for an invitation to California and stay tuned for Frankie and James in July.

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