The Armstrong Twitter Spat

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 3.50.05 PMI knew I’d be asked to comment on the Oprah/Lance Armstrong interview. When the producer of a radio program calls me they ask to hear about the infamous tweet Armstrong sent that ultimately got me fired from Versus.

As you can see it’s a pretty innocuous tweet. I’m guessing I sent it out just as Armstrong was looking at Twitter while fired up on a mix of Michelob Ultra combined with FRS.

Stephanie of Podium Insight chronicled my exchange with Armstrong in a article she wrote about social media.

I’d been writing stuff that pushed the boundaries and didn’t hide the fact that I thought Armstrong was as dirty as a two-dollar whore. Versus was scared of losing access to Armstrong who was their Golden Calf. No Armstrong meant no ratings or interest from viewers, or more importantly, advertisers. I was told later that someone in the Armstrong camp had contacted Versus about my poor attitude toward their star. And that was that.

These interviews have stirred up some resentment toward cycling which will pass. But not for one moment do I wish I’d kept my thoughts to myself and not said what I had wanted regarding Armstrong. Like I wrote in my post on at least I have something Armstrong will never have – dignity.

Speaking of a lack of dignity – Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwin and Bob Roll are returning as the cycling commentary team at NBC/Universal Sports. Those three pushed the false narrative no matter what truths were placed in front of them. As the website Cyclismas illustrated in an amazingly detailed graph, those three all have a monitory relationship with Armstrong so there was no reason for them to stop the lie.

However, it was just pointed out to me by twitter follower @BadBrainsAJ that Phil and Paul are speaking at the South Australian Press Club. The flier for the event promises for $88 ($77 for working press) a two-course lunch and complimentary beverage of your choice! But it looks like Phil and Paul will be eating crow. Smack in the middle of the flier is the quote, “Phil staunchly defended Lance Armstrong for years. Now he feels like a fool. Deceived by what he calls ‘the most incredulous doping scandal to hit any sport’.”

Looks like P&P are going to have to face up to the fact that they were “fools.” Liggett was quoted as saying he believed Lance was clean because, “Lance told him so.” WHAT?!?! When I read that I took my eyeballs out and washed them with Windex because I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

I’m hoping those two stand up and state how they were biased in their reporting. If not their cycling broadcast will remain unwatchable for those who have more than a passing summer fling with cycling.


  1. RT Peotto says:

    Been reading your words for awhile, sorry didn’t know your history, but I like your intergrity and listening to the truth … Versus sucks, as do Phil, Paul and Bob – too much bia$, too little truth.
    Since Armstrong will tell the very minimum to save his hide and fortune, do you think he will get jail time or lose a bunch of money?

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