Strava KOMs at the classics

Sagan after winning stage 6 - '10 ToC
Sagan is 5 Star favorite for SanRemo

Wonder what speeds the pros clock on some of the monuments in cycling? Thanks to Strava you don’t need to. Not only has your favorite route probably been Strava tagged with blue KOM sections like a Jackson Pollack painting, many races have key sections “KOMed” (I’m making this a thing – #1. The act of turning a section of road into a King of the Mountain section on Strava. Example, “I KOMed my driveway and no one is taking that from me” or #2. Past tense of setting a KOM segment record. Example, “Busted out my Wednesday lunch ride and I KOMed Paris Mountain.).

My buddy, recovering journalist, and now PR guy John Bradley took the biggest European races, like the upcoming Milan-San Remo, and put the Strava KOM segments of that race, along with the rider who owns that record, in a spreadsheet. You’ll notice a few familiar names like Ted King, Taylor Phinney, and photographer Jared Gruber as KOM crown champions.

John said he’s going to try and keep the list updated with new KOM owners. I suspect the Poggio and the Cipressa KOMs are going to fall this Sunday – sorry Louis Veraeke and Pivens.

I thought it was interesting to see the times on these classic road race sections – not that I needed any empirical evidence to know that they were fast.

Click on the chart to super-size it.


Classic KOMs


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