Sinyard said what?

On the Specialized Twitter account @Iamspecialized was tweeted a Vine video of their CEO Mike Sinyard saying, “It’s going to be be incredible. This is going to be more powerful than a tailwind. End of story!” with the hashtag #AEROISEVERYTHING. What the hell was he talking about?

On the head of Mark Cavendish and other Specialized sponsored riders we’ve seen a black oblong shaped helmet, reminiscent of the Alien. This is Big S’ foray into aerodynamic road helmets. Could Mr. Sinyard be discussing their yet unreleased to the public aero-helmet?

I can’t imagine that just the aero-helmet could give that type of an advantage, so it can’t be that.

Perhaps clothing? They’ve redone their line of clothing and maybe they’ve got a skinsuit in the works that’s super slick. But again – more powerful than a tailwind?

I’m leaning toward a 2.0 version of the Venge. I wrote a post back in January of 2012 about Specialized’s creative director Robert Egger taking a Transition time trial bike and converting it to a road bike. I interviewed Robert and he swore that it handled fine as a road bike. Could Specialized have tweaked the frame geometry of the Transition, a time trial/triathlon frame, to match a road bike?

At the time I captioned the photo for the article, “Shiv road bike for 2014”. Maybe I was a year too late.
Or hell, maybe Mike was still high off of endorphins from the world famous Specialized lunch ride and he was talking smack. Whatever the case may be, I suspect at the Tour de France this new powerful aero something or other will make an appearance.


Shiv road bike for 2014?
Shiv road bike for 2014?


  1. James says:

    It could have something to do with the 28 mph Turbo e-bike that he has been using for commuting (and the lunch ride from what I have heard) for the past 14 months. That 250 watt motor is definitely more powerful than your average tailwind.

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