Casting the Upcoming Armstrong Movie

Armstrong MovieThe cycling world of late has been a buzz over the influx of Lance Armstrong books and movies. Hitting bookstores now is “Wheelman” written by Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O’Connell. Hitting the big screen this November is the documentary by Alex Gibney, “The Armstrong Lie.” If that’s not enough an unnamed movie is currently being filmed based on David Walsh’s “The Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong.”

Some casting choices have already been completed: Chris O’Dowd is playing journalist/author David Walsh and Armstrong by Ben Foster. Breaking Bad actor Jesse Plemons is also attached to the movie, but it hasn’t been revealed who he plays. These are all fine actors but I have a few additional casting suggestions as well.

David Zabriskie played by Michael Cera
Who else but Cera could play Zabriskie’s awkwardness? Of course Cera is going to have to shed some pounds. But hell, if CG effects make us believe giant monsters are tearing apart cities, I’m sure someone can use special effects to remove pounds from the actor.

Moto man

The Moto Man played by Eric the Actor
Sure, this is a bit of artistic license but imagine this Howard Stern Wack Packer, Eric the Actor, in his wheelchair, motorcycle helmet on, delivering blood bags. Plus, with his speech pattern Eric could easily do a Spanish accent with no problems. Actually, I think he could just talk in his normal manner and it would be fine.

Chris Carmichael played by David Cross
Cross has the chops to easily portray the coaching beard of Armstrong, Chris Carmichael. In the television show Arrested Development, Cross portrays Tobias Fünke a licensed analyst and therapist (called a “analrapist” and then called later in the series a “theralyst”). The character is also the author of “The Man Inside Me.” Cross just needs to channel Fünke’s confused, clueless persona and you’ve got Carmichael.

Floyd Landis played by Jesse Plemons
As I mentioned Jesse Plemons’ role hasn’t been announced, but I suspect he’s playing Landis. In the television show “Friday Night Lights” Plemons’ character Landry Clarke provided comic relief, just like Landis. Look at the similarity of between his Friday Night Lights character and Landis: other than being the funny guy, Clarke was the quarterback’s friend. Remember, in the early days of the Postal team Landis and Armstrong were buddies and the Texan allowed Floyd to babysit the blood bags in the his fridge while he was out of town. If that’s not trust I don’t know what is. Also look at his character “Todd Alquist” in “Breaking Bad .” Alquist becomes Walt’s meth cooking assistant – I’ll let you draw the analogies between meth and PEDs for you to decide. If you squint Plemons looks like Landis: same light red hair, jaw line, and eyes.

We Might As Well Dope

Johan Bruyneel played by Bryan Cranston
I know I’m cherry picking from Breaking Bad a lot for my movie casting choices, but can you blame me? Regardless, Bryan Cranston in the Heisenberg character – the evil and smart meth overlord is perfect. I think to think that like the Walter White character, Bruyneel didn’t start off evil and wanting to ruin people. The Belgian figured it was his only way to win and was just the best at distributing “blue sky”…err… I mean PEDs than anyone else. After so many years the intoxicating rush of being in charge of a group of guys that could pedal faster than any other group was too much and he had to have more – Bruyneelberg was born.

Verne Troyer
Paging Dr Ferrari…







Dr. Ferrari played by Verne Troyer
You look at both their faces and tell me you don’t see it.

Betsy Andreu played by Sandra Bollock
I’m envisioning Bollock reprising the strong minded mom in The Blind Side movie, Leigh Anne Tuohy. Tuohy didn’t take any crap and neither does Betsy, so it would be an easy transition for Bollock to morph the Tuohy character into Andreu. The role for Bollock might be an enjoyable challenge as an actor as she will have to pack on the pounds to immerse herself in the role.

Emma O’Reilly played by Scarlett Johansson
Johansson is hot and so is O’Reilly.

Do you have any suggestions for Pat McQuiad, Hein Verbruggen or any other person that needs to be cast? Let me know in the comment section below.


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