ThinFolio Wallet Review

2013-10-08 16.31.59
Thinfolio wallet constructed from Tyvek and your photos.


A man’s wallet is like a purse. We jam a lot of crap in there and quite frankly, we don’t know why. Gas receipt from two weeks ago – yeah I got that. A one-year old Cinnabon receipt from the Boulder airport that I saved because I was going to write off that goopy, gooey mess as a business expense. Today I literally found a packet of Stevia in my wallet. I don’t even use Stevia!

Mark Abramson’s “lightbulb” moment idea for making a wallet was when looking at the highly durable Tyvek mailing envelopes.

Here’s what sets Abramson’s wallet apart ThinFolio apart is that he takes your photos and integrates them into the panels of the wallet. The ThinFolio uses two photos for the outside cover, two on the inside where the cardholder slots are, and two for the bills/random receipts section of the wallet, for a total of six images.

As a bike nerd I used images from a local group rides, a random photo that was taken of me for a magazine, interviewing Jens Voigt, and of course my cat. Make of that what you will.

The inside of the wallet has six slots for cards and two hidden pockets. The money/bills/receipts section is split into two by a divider – very nice so I can separate my cash from the other crap.

I’ve been using a ThinFolio for a couple of weeks and it has been jammed in a jersey pocket and sweaty duffle bags without an issue. I knew that the Tyvek material would hold up, but it was good to see the stitching is still keeping the ThinFolio together.

In order to take ThinFolio to the next level of production, Abrahamson has started a Kickstarter to purchase and bring all of the printing/finishing machinery under one roof as well as buy additional sewing machines.

The Thinfolio is a great way to put your own “flair” on something that for men is fairly drab.

You can go to his Thinfolio Kickstarter page and check it out.

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