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Making the pilgrimage

The Madonna del Ghisallo The bike editors on this junket had the opportunity to visit the chapel of the Madonna del Ghisallo and the Museum of Cycling, both located above picturesque Lake Como. Needless to say, if you are a bike nut, you must make this pilgrimage. Afterwards our Italian host drove us down the …

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Day One at the Milan Show

The dress code here at the show is a lot different than Vegas. Shorts and a bike t-shirt are the dress code there. But in Milan I think Zap from Mountain Bike Action/Road Bike Action and I are the only guys here walking around in a t-shirt and cap. Suits or at least a collared …

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I’m in Milan

I finally made it to Milan and I’m beat. I have that stink of airplanes and airports on me. Although I do have to say that the Zurich Airport was very nice. Tomorrow the bike/motorcycle show starts and it is full gas from then on. One thing that became apparent right away is how worthless …

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