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My favorite hate mail

On the internet hate mail often comes in the form of “comments” at the bottom of a post. It isn’t always pretty. If you write for a living, and especially if you write opinion pieces, you’re going to get criticism. That’s the nature of the game and I’ve gotten my share. Some of it is …

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Oleg Tinkov is on a tear

Looks like Saxo Tinkoff Bank Team CEO Oleg Tinkov had quite the evening. According to his twitter account he’s jerking off in his Tuscan villa with a magnum of Petrus 82. Me? I’m still writing TdF wrap-ups, but that’s the difference between a billionaire and a freelance writer. [View the story “Oleg Tinkov is on …

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The squeaky wheel gets the lube

I’d heard about the Tony Kornheiser’s comments about running over cyclists a few days ago. To be honest, it really didn’t faze me. He’s a sports commentator whose whole schtick is to be controversial. His bosses expect that and pay him to be controversial. Did I honestly think that he believed what he said, that …

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Douche Bag of the month award

I know you, the three readers, are dying to know who my pick as “Douche Bag of the month” award goes to. Trust me there were numerous nominees. But I have it narrowed down to one individual, who has a chance to redeem themselves before I announce it. Stay tuned…

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