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What a hero should be

Tonight we are going to watch the very public collapse of someone many called a hero. This person will go on a talk show and confess to cheating. How much of a confession at this point we can only speculate. The media, this ex-hero’s handlers, and sponsors helped to build the image to a mythic …

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The Armstrong Myth

With every press release and every rumor I hear it is becoming obvious that the public is going to have to re-evaluate their heroes. In his well known book, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” Joseph Campbell lays out the stages for transformation into a hero. It starts with a the hero in the ordinary …

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Not taking down my Armstrong poster

I read on Facebook that because of the ongoing doping allegations regarding Armstrong, a friend of a friend’s 13-year-old son took down the Tour de France winner’s posters in disgust. For a 13-year-old that took a lot of maturity, but at the same time I have to feel sorry for him because he just learned …

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My Irish dad

I’ve been called by various people the joker of the cycling industry, described as “someone who loves the sport enough to laugh at it” and I often enjoy a joke at my own expense. I’ve also been known to get into fights, yell at people, drink more than what is socially acceptable and be too …

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