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The Armstrong Twitter Spat

I knew I’d be asked to comment on the Oprah/Lance Armstrong interview. When the producer of a radio program calls me they ask to hear about the infamous tweet Armstrong sent that ultimately got me fired from Versus. As you can see it’s a pretty innocuous tweet. I’m guessing I sent it out just as …

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Nike is Dope

Stating the obvious – I’m no marketing guy. In fact I do things that make marketing guys wince – but regardless – have you seen Nike’s new tee-shirt line? Is this a good concept to run with considering the times athletics are in? The image on the $20 shirt is of an overturned prescription bottle …

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An open letter of apology

I need to apologize for my actions from a couple of nights ago. I was using the social media platform Twitter when a prominent ex-racer pointed out that I have a personality flaw. To my surprise another well know person in cycling agreed with that statement and then followed up by saying I was the …

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